When do you go to the hospital when having pregnancy contractions?

Answer My midwife told me you go when REAL CONTRACTIONS ARE: 5 minutes apart....Lasting 1 minute.....And for 1 hour THAT IS WHEN YOUR IN TRUE LABOR

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I am 35 weeks into the pregnancy. I was having regular and painful contractions 3 to 5 minutes apart for 6 hours when they stopped. What is happening?

You could be having what they call braxton hicks contractions...this is your uterus preparing for your baby to be born...Congrats on your pregnancy!Or you could be going in to Labor!

What can you do when you've been pregnant 3 times don't have any warning when going into labor and only feel contractions after water breaks which only leaves you 30 minutes to get to a hospital?

Each pregnancy is different, and each person's experience with labor is different. Generally the more babies you deliver, the shorter the time from when labor begins until you deliver the baby. An... Read More »

Why should a lady lie on her left side when having contractions?

Answer It is not just when having contractions, it is in late pregnancy, and it doesn't happen to everyone but eough women to make it a rule.The major vein returning to the heart from the lower pa... Read More »

Is it time when you are 38 weeks and having irregular but painful contractions?

Yes. If you think thats what it is! Anywhere from 30+ weeks means your ready, and can start any moment.