When do you get your peacoat in the Navy?

Answer The Navy issues the peacoat as part of the uniform during the first week of bootcamp at the Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois. Peacoats are also available to buy in the Naval Exchange ... Read More »

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How to Make a Black Peacoat Look New Again?

Most peacoats are made of wool or a wool blend. This makes them last longer and warmer, but it also makes them more difficult to care for if damages occur. Some companies now make peacoats out of m... Read More »

Can a retired cpo from navy reserve who came out of retirement and joined national guard and retired as a sargent question can you wear the navy uniform to a navy ball or must you go army?

Yes as long as u wear the rank and awards that you made in the navy but why would you move from e7 to a e5 that's just crazy

Can an employee of The Navy Department use to send and receive personal messages outside of the network?

It depends on the official Navy and individual Command policy, but in general yes, they are permitted for family contacts and certain others. The Navy contracts with thousands of individual busines... Read More »

Is an ex-wife of a retired navy chief eligible by law to receive half of his navy pension?

It depends on the legal terms of their divorce - if the divorce agreement specifically entitles the ex-spouse to the member's pension (percentage determined by the agreement), then yes, she is enti... Read More »