When do you get a college ring?

Answer On One Hand: Graduates Order RingsSome colleges allow only graduates or students nearing graduation to order class rings, according to an article on Newberry College in Newberry, S.C.... Read More »

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Can you wear a college ring on your index finger?

You should wear a college ring on the ring finger of your right hand, which is associated with students and creativity. Wearing a ring on your index finger symbolizes ambition and leadership, and i... Read More »

My bt phone line works ok when ringing out but will not ring when there a incoming call?

Maybe you have turned the ringer off accidentally

When m calling any other person i dont want that when anyone else call me it shud ring as busy to them so plz?

on a landline? dial *70 to disable call waiting on a per-call basis for outgoing calls... or call your provider and tell them to cancel call waiting or voicemail or whatever else you might be talki... Read More »

How to Know when a Wax Ring Is Bad?

If your toilet is leaking where it contacts the floor, there is a good chance the wax ring is bad. You will need to replace it.