When do you fertilize citrus trees?

Answer Begin the early fertilizing schedule when new growth appears on the citrus trees in the spring. Feed your citrus trees each month until October. Spread the fertilizer 12 inches from the tree trunk ... Read More »

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What Months to Fertilize Citrus Trees?

Citrus trees require specific fertilizers to provide needed nutrients in the correct balance. While they need common nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, they also require boron, z... Read More »

When do I fertilize fruit trees?

According to the Iowa State University Extension, "it is generally not necessary to fertilize fruit trees." A bearing fruit tree that grows less than eight to 15 inches in one year should be fertil... Read More »

When is the best month to fertilize fig trees in the tucson climate?

How & When to Fertilize and What to Use for Insect Control on Fruit Trees?

Fertilization and insect control are two essential aspects of growing fruit trees in the home garden. All types of fruit trees need the essential 13 nutrients for growth, which are supplied by heal... Read More »