When do you feed flowering pear trees?

Answer After the flowers are finished in the spring. not true. you should feed them for as long as the have leaves and only stop when they shed them and go to sleep. BTW pear trees need lots of iron.If yo... Read More »

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When do you trim pear trees?

Pear trees and other fruit-producing trees should be pruned late in the winter dormant season to prevent the loss of stored energy. The tree does not use energy while it is dormant, making it a saf... Read More »

When do pear trees bloom?

Considered an early bloomer, the pear tree is normally in full bloom by mid-April. Blossoms will last until the middle of May. Since the pear tree blooms so early in the season, it is highly suscep... Read More »

When do pear trees flower?

Pear trees produce an abundance of white flowers in the early to mid spring, depending upon that year's growth conditions. During the blooming season, treat the pear tree with fungicide and apply f... Read More »

When Do Pear Trees Blossom?

White flowers grace the bare branches of pear trees (Pyrus spp.) when they bloom from late winter to midspring, depending on climate. Three main types of pear trees are grown in American landscapes... Read More »