When do you drip the faucets in the cold?

Answer On One Hand: It's Advisable Whenever It Might FreezeIt is a good idea to leave faucets dripping whenever it gets so cold that the water in the pipes might freeze, especially if the temperature is e... Read More »

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Why do faucets drip?

A faucet's valve stem assembly contains several different points where leakage can occur. A leak usually involves a weakened rubber seal or an eroded metal seat underneath the seal.TypesFaucet type... Read More »

Do You Drip the Shower When It's Cold?

When the temperature drops below freezing for an extended period, the ground can freeze several feet deep. This means that anything running close to the surface, such as the water within the pipes ... Read More »

Suggest me some respectable faucets like Delta faucets?

Goggle for brands of kitchen and or bath faucets.

How to Play Drip, Drip, Splash?

Picture this: It's summertime, and it's hot! You want to play a game, but don't want to overheat, what should you play? Drip, drip, splash is a great game to play when the weather is hot. It is lik... Read More »