When do you cut back a butterfly bush?

Answer On One Hand: Butterfly Bush is Easy to Trim Any TimeButterfly bush (Buddleia davidii) can be cut way back---almost to ground level---since they bloom on new growth, so GardensAlive says that it's e... Read More »

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How far back do I cut my butterfly bush?

A butterfly bush can be cut back to the ground after the first frost in the fall. New growth will appear in the spring and those shoots will produce blooms.Source:Mountain Valley Growers: Butterfly... Read More »

When does a butterfly bush come out of dormancy?

The butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii) is never technically in dormancy. According to the Penn State Cooperative Extension, it is a subshrub, not a woody shrub, and subshrubs are never completely do... Read More »

When Do You Cut Back or Prune the Oleander Bush?

Many gardeners think of pruning as important only in a cosmetic or aesthetic sense. Indeed, pruning can keep your plants growing in the size and shape that you desire for them. But pruning can serv... Read More »

Butterfly Bush Weeds?

Buddleia, commonly known as butterfly bush, is an attractive shrub that produces showy flowers, and it is a magnet for butterflies, making it a appealing addition to most gardens. Unfortunately, bu... Read More »