When do you classify someone as an Alcoholic?

Answer In health care we refer to a quick survey called the CAGE questions.CAGE Questions1. Cut Ever felt you ought to cut down on your drinking?2. Annoyed Have people annoyed you by criticizing your ... Read More »

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How can I help someone who is an alcoholic?

Alcoholism is a serious disease that not only affects the drinker, but also the friends and family around him. Alcoholism may be present in anyone who regularly drinks more than they want, those wh... Read More »

How to tell if someone is an alcoholic?

I am a recovering alcoholic of 20 years sobriety. The questions a person should ask themselves are 1/ Is alcohol affecting my work2/ or my relationships with family and friends. 3/Is it affecting m... Read More »

Is someone who drinks at least a twelve pack of beer a day an alcoholic?

If they deny they have a problem, and would have great difficulty not drinking for any extended period of time (2 days, 1 week, 1 month), yes. If he is hurting those around him, yes. If he needs ... Read More »

Should a family of an alcoholic include alcohol at a party given for the alcoholic?

I wouldn't want to because it sends a message to the alcoholic whether he/she is still drinking or not that drinking is okay which would make the effort to stop that much harder.Perhaps showing him... Read More »