When do you begin to apply to colleges?

Answer On One Hand: Regular Applications DeadlineIf you are applying for regular admission to a college starting in the fall semester, notes the website How To Get In, the application deadline is usually ... Read More »

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How many colleges should I apply to?

College counselors generally recommend applying to five to eight colleges. Avoid applying to colleges you're not really interested in; your insincerity will probably come across in your application... Read More »

How to Apply to Colleges in Texas?

Applying to college is one the biggest steps a young person can take in his life. Not only is the beginning of a further education, it is also initial preparation for a career. In the state of Texa... Read More »

How to Apply to the California State Colleges?

The process of applying for college used to be a time-consuming and paperwork-laden process. Not so in California. The state university system has moved the entire application process online, inclu... Read More »

What Colleges Should I Apply to If I Have a Low Reading SAT Score?

College admissions officers take SAT scores into consideration when deciding whether to accept or reject a student's application. For 2008 to 2009, students scored an average of 501 on the critical... Read More »