When do tomato plants start producing fruit?

Answer Tomato plants generally start producing fruit as soon as the plant reaches maturity. This occurs anywhere from 45 to 90 days after transplanting and also depends on the type of tomato plant.Source:... Read More »

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When Do Peach Trees Stop Producing Fruit?

Home gardeners and commercial fruit producers alike grow peach trees. The temperate zone fruit trees grow throughout the United States, from South Carolina to California, Texas, Ohio and beyond. Pe... Read More »

How do I keep deer from tomato plants& dwarf fruit trees?

FencesBuild a deer fence around the entire perimeter of the yard that needs protecting. A 6 to 8 foot woven-wire fence will prevent deer from entering as long as it is enclosed and sits flush again... Read More »

How to Start Tomato Plants at Home?

Starting your own tomatoes proves to be an economical way to grow the vegetables in your home garden. Choosing the appropriate method to start tomato plants will depend on your personal preference.... Read More »

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