When do toddlers outgrow their cribs?

Answer On One Hand: Moving Too Early Can Harm SleepIn her book "Sleeping Through the Night," child sleep expert Jodi Mindell states parents shouldn't rush to move their kids out of the crib. While noting ... Read More »

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Do snails outgrow their shells?

Snails do not outgrow their shells. If a snail grows larger, the shell also grows larger to accommodate the snail. A snail can secrete shell material from its body to continue building the shell sp... Read More »

When Do Toddlers Cut Their Final Baby Molar Teeth?

Each infant will experience five stages of teething. Babies are born with 20 teeth nicely hidden below the surface of their gums. The second set of molars are always the last to come in and someti... Read More »

When does a baby outgrow a bassinet?

A baby is ready to be moved to a crib when he sits up by himself or exceeds the weight limit of the bassinet. Bassinets can be too shallow to protect him and may not be designed to withstand the we... Read More »

When should a child outgrow pigeon toes?

never...they shouldn't even get pigeon toe...thats nasty!!!