When do they update the Fortune 500?

Answer The Fortune 500 list is published annually in "Fortune" magazine in either April or May. Since 2006, it has been immediately updated online at the CNNMoney website. In 2006 and 2007, the list was u... Read More »

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Do they change things around when they update the iPhone 4S?

When are they going to start calling fortune cookies, "generic aphorism cookies"?

Does your opinion of people go down when they update their Facebook status every 5 minutes?

I cannot say that it goes “down” but I do wonder why they are not at work, not educating themselves, not at a movie with their friends, not spending time with their family, not taking their dog... Read More »

Do they make a printer with scanner that the ink does not cost a fortune?

I have a Lexmark X8350, it is a scanner, copier, printer and a fax.For Color ink at Wal mart it cost approx. $19.00.I love this Lexmark!Also, I have used ink refills and you can't refill a cartridg... Read More »