When do they actually put the braces on?

Answer For me, I first got spacers, which are little rubber bands they place between your molars so they can put metal rings around your molars. I got the spacers right after the xrays were done. Then two... Read More »

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When someone with braces dies, are the braces taken off before burial, or do they just leave them on?

Depends on the family, remember that when people die, they never die with a smiling face... -_- so you will never be able to know, if you remember the Simpsons, when they unburied the Simpson Popul... Read More »

On the underground, when they say 'someone taken ill on a train', what do they actually meant?

Because perhpas the train needs to stop so the person can get help!!!

Is it true that when someone jumps from a tall building they die before they actually hit the ground?

No. You don't die from falling. You die from stopping (sudden deceleration).

Do braces hurt when they are put on?

My braces hurt like hell when I got them. What was suppose to take about 1 hour installations took 4 hours. I was in intesnse pain the whole time. I'm well into adulthood, I don't know if that m... Read More »