When do stop paying child support in New York State?

Answer In the New York state you are required to pay child support until the child reaches the age of 21. This may stop if you can prove to the court that the child is emancipated, not living with parents... Read More »

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Does a parent paying child support have to be notified if child moves out of state?

Yes most definitly. You have to be notified if the child is moved out of the county so for sure out of state. I would be contacting my lawyer if you are the one paying child support and if you are ... Read More »

Can a father stop paying child support if the child lives with him?

Once the father gains legal custody through the courts, he may request that child support be terminated.

How do you stop paying child support in Georgia after your child has graduated?

When should you stop paying child support?

On One Hand: Child Always Needs SupportWhen your child is born, every law requires that its parents financially care for it and protect it from harm. This relationship never truly ends since a chil... Read More »