When do personal checks expire?

Answer Most banks follow the Uniform Commercial Code, stating that a personal check is to be denied after 30 days from its written date, but the Code differs slightly with each state. Some banks allow a l... Read More »

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Do personal bank checks expire?

When a personal check is issued or dated six months prior to the cashing date, banks can choose whether or not they will honor it. Banks often use the term stale dated, as opposed to expire.Source:... Read More »

Do business checks expire?

Business checks do expire. Many businesses put expiration dates on checks through phrases such as "void after 60 days." Banks may decline checks that are older than six months, but some businesses ... Read More »

When do uncashed checks expire?

The rules differ from bank to bank and state to state, but generally a check is good for six months. A check that is over six months old is referred to as a "stale check" and it's the bank's decisi... Read More »

Do traveler's checks expire?

Traveler's checks do not expire when purchased through American Express, one of the largest issuers of this form of currency substitute (which they refer to as travellers cheques). Other benefits o... Read More »