When do pecan trees bear fruit?

Answer Depending on the cultivar and the geographic location, pecan trees bear fruit from early to late fall (mid-September to mid-December). Some cultivars begin producing as early as 6 years of age, whi... Read More »

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How do you make fig trees bear fruit?

Fruiting figsYou can maximize the likelihood of a fig producing fruit by ensuring the fig has a pollinator if it is one of the Smyrna or San Pedro varieties. Also, if you fertilize a fig too much ... Read More »

When do rio red grapefruit trees bear fruit?

Rio red grapefruit trees bear fruit in the third season after transplanting. R.A. Hensz discovered rio red grapefruit in 1976 in Texas. The grapefruit’s flesh is red-colored and seedless.Referenc... Read More »

When do cherry trees bear fruit?

According to Washington State University, sour cherry trees will begin to bear fruit after three to five years. Sweet cherry trees will bear fruit around five to seven years after planting. There a... Read More »

When do apricot trees bear fruit?

The fruiting time is different for each variety. The majority of apricots fruit in the first part of summer, earlier than most stone fruit. Some very early varieties will fruit in late spring, and ... Read More »