When do patients start using the insulin pump?

Answer On One Hand: Beneficial For Intensive Diabtetes TreatmentPatients should begin using the insulin pump if they are on an intense diabetes treatment program that requires insulin injections several t... Read More »

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How to find out when my animas 2020 insulin pump was made?

Please Google search for more details on animas 2020 insulin pump.Isn't it nice to know there's a hotline to customer support? Just call 1-877- YES-PUMP (1-877-937-7867) and press one of the follow... Read More »

I was resently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 33 days ago and i was wondering when i can get an insulin pump:3?

I feel your pain. When I was diagnosed at 10 (now 13) they told me to stay on the syringes for a bit, I was just recently switched to a pen and its much better. Don't go to the pump yet. Your body ... Read More »

To get or not to get Insulin pump?

The thing most diabetics like best about a pump is that it allows for fairly exact management of blood sugar with less hassle. The minuses of a pump are:- it's on you all the time. You can take the... Read More »

Insulin pump?

It's been a godsend. It's the closest thing to having a normal pancreas. Not perfect, but a heck of a lot better than constantly injecting yourself. It gives you so much freedom! I can give mys... Read More »