When do northern pike lose their teeth?

Answer Northern pike lose and regrow teeth throughout the year. A myth arose that pike lose all of their teeth during the summer, because fishermen had difficultly catching the fish in the late summer mon... Read More »

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How many teeth does the Northern Pike have?

The Northern Pike, known for its highly predatory slashing nature, has approximately 700 teeth, according to Fish Alaska magazine. As a full-grown adult, it can attack and consume other fish with "... Read More »

When do northern pike spawn?

Northern pike, which are most commonly found from the Great Lakes north to central Manitoba, typically spawn in shallow waters during the spring. Northern pike usually spawn at about 2 years of age... Read More »

The Best Way to Clean Northern Pike?

Northern pike is often times avoided by anglers because of an abundance of small bones, called Y bones, that can be a choking hazard when consuming the flavorful fish. However, there is a rather si... Read More »

What eats a northern pike?

The northern pike is a feared predator in the waters it swims in, with no natural enemies once it reaches full size. The small hatchlings and immature pike are at risk of predation from larger fish... Read More »