When do most teenagers go to far?

Answer You can tell when a teenager goes to far when they get into an intemate relationship. This is when you should talk to your teen about protection during intercourse. Or tell them not to have sex at ... Read More »

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Do most teenagers pay their own car insurance?

Answer That's a question for a different forum. It depends on your parents and their ideals and ideology and income.

Teenagers a FLW 3rd and 4th most watched vid of all time?

yeah no question at all but anyway thanks for that...........that makes my day complete i almost forgot to listen to those songs from the band of My Chemical Romance.............well thanks again..... Read More »

Why do most teenagers prefer Coffee to Tea?

Do they? I'm 20 and I like coffee. I might need to write that out for you. Twenty.Twenty.

Do most teenagers watch anime?

I'm not sure if I'm being haunted, but a lot of weird things are going on in my house. my dog barks every night, and i hear things in my bedroom. when its night i hear weird things outside.I am hau... Read More »