How to Kiss People in "The Saboteur"?

Answer Released in 2009, "The Saboteur" is an open-world video game set in Nazi-occupied France. Players take on the role of a man resisting the Nazis after they captured and murdered his best friend. Dur... Read More »

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How many people do you have to kiss to get MONO?

You only have to kiss one person to get mono - a person who already has it. Obviously the more people you kiss the greater chance you have of contracting mono, but you only need one...

Can a open mouth kiss between two hiv uninfected people cause aids or hiv?

No, there can be no viral transmission between two people who do not have the virus. To get HIV/AIDS someone has to have the virus.

What do people expect when they kiss the stone embedded in the Blarney Castle wall?

The Blarney Stone is part of a tower in Blarney Castle, a famous Irish landmark. The stone is called the "Stone of Eloquence" because it is rumored that those who kiss the stone will never again be... Read More »

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