When do most girls lose their virginity?

Answer There is no exact normal age. It is best to lose your virginity when you and your mate are comfortable together about the situation. It is better to have sex for the first time with someone you lov... Read More »

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At what age do most people (you) lose their virginity at?

Worldwide, apparently 17.3. Personally, I lost is at around 7, then again at 31. I wasn't "abused" but she knew more about it than me at that age, so I suspect she may have been. But I didn't re... Read More »

What do you guys think is the average age for girls to lose their virginity these days?

How to Lose Your Virginity Without Pain (Girls)?

Losing your virginity is often a topic that concerns and scares young women a lot, causing anxiety and even an overwhelming fear of any attempt at physical intimacy. A whole range of myths and inac... Read More »

When to lose virginity?

Until you have found the right person.. that is what I am waiting for I am 14 years old to..