When do kids normally start losing their teeth just an age range is good.?

Answer Children start to lose their teeth anywhere between 5-7 years old. Each child is different but that's a base start.

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When do kids start losing their baby teeth?

At around age 6 to age 12, children shed their baby teeth as their permanent adult teeth appear. The first to come in are the permanent molars. Long after all the other permanent teeth are in, the ... Read More »

What age do kids start losing baby teeth?

Losing baby teeth can happen at any point between 4 and 8 years old, though most children lose the first baby tooth at age 5 or 6. Often, though not always, if a baby grows his teeth early, he lose... Read More »

When do you start losing your teeth?

Permanent teeth will hang on as long you care for them properly.

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Go into the bios and have all the defaults reset. you may have a piece of hardware not working properely. Make sure that you try to boot into safe mode again. If this still doesn't do it for your, ... Read More »