When do i use grub control?

Answer On One Hand: Extent of Grub InfestationMost lawns do not need grub control. A dense, healthy region of grass can generally survive with up to 10 grubs per square foot. To determine the extent of ... Read More »

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How to Control Grub Worms in the Garden?

Grub worms are soil-dwelling pests that eat the roots of grass and turn a lawn brown. Most grub worms are larvae that come from Japanese beetles, and their presence in a garden will invite other an... Read More »

Grub Control & New Grass Seed?

A grub is the middle phase between the egg and fully grown Japanese and Scarab beetles. They eat near the surface of the ground, and damage the roots of your grass. If your lawn has grubs, you will... Read More »

Grub Worm Control in Vegetable Gardens?

Grub worms can be a problem in vegetable gardens. They feed on the roots of the vegetable plants and destroy them. This destroys their ability to absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil. They w... Read More »

Organic Grub Control for Vegetable Gardens?

Organic grub control for vegetable gardens utilizes a variety of methods, usually in conjunction with one another, to keep garden grubs at a manageable level. The ideal organic garden will have a b... Read More »