When do i pick my pepper plants?

Answer On One Hand: Use the Harvest Date on the Seed PackageMost packaged pepper seeds indicate a harvest date for optimum picking. Since peppers are planted at various times of the year, the harvest date... Read More »

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When are pepper plants ready for peppers?

While peppers can be picked and consumed at any stage of maturity, they do not gain their full flavor until they reach maturity. Peppers start out as flowers. The flower drops off as the pod develo... Read More »

I bought a pepper plant with three plants in the same pot. Should I separate them when I plant them?

I got two pepper plants in one jiffy pot. What I chose to do was to clip one off so as not to disturb the root system of the other. This is probably the best choice. When transplanting bare root yo... Read More »

Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, Dr Pepper, pick your favorite?

Dr Pepper is the best opyion. It is sweet & tangy at the same time!!

Heirloom Pepper Plants?

Attesting to the long-running love affair between peppers and people, chili pepper traces dating to 7000 B.C. have been found in Mexican ruins, writes Lynn Coulter in "Gardening with Heirloom Seeds... Read More »