When do himalayan kittens get their color points?

Answer Himalayan kittens are born with white or cream fur that begins to develop the characteristic color points when the kittens are a few weeks old. The Himalayan's color points are on the face, feet an... Read More »

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Can you mate a Persian and a Himalayan and get purebred kittens?

A Himalayan is a point-colored Persian bred through centuries of selective breeding. In 1955, Himalayans were considered their own separate breed from Persians. Therefore, breeding a purebred Persi... Read More »

How old are male kittens when their testicles drop?

Male kittens' testicles descend just before they are born. At birth, the tiny testicles are not visible in the undeveloped scrotum. By 10 to 12 weeks of age, the scrotum and testicles have grown en... Read More »

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Do printers usually start printing strange and erroneously in color when their low in color ink?

Yes. When printing, colours are made up of magenta, cyan and yellow. If the printer runs out of one of those colours, it will make things look very strange.