When do himalayan kittens get their color points?

Answer Himalayan kittens are born with white or cream fur that begins to develop the characteristic color points when the kittens are a few weeks old. The Himalayan's color points are on the face, feet an... Read More »

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Can you mate a Persian and a Himalayan and get purebred kittens?

A Himalayan is a point-colored Persian bred through centuries of selective breeding. In 1955, Himalayans were considered their own separate breed from Persians. Therefore, breeding a purebred Persi... Read More »

What color is this 10 points!?

10 POINTS!!!!! Hair color ideas?

Haha i did the same thing! I am a natural auburn, but I dyed my hair strawberry blonde and it turned mustardy. Yes, I know red hair fades fast. As pretty as it is, we all want it. But sometimes the... Read More »

I want to put a crazy color in my jet black hair... 10 points?

Id go for a midnight blue. Like a really hot blue. Its so freakin hot. Ive done it for a hair show before. And in the summer time I have done hot pink under my hair so when I put my hair up in a po... Read More »