When do hibiscus flowers bloom?

Answer Perennial hibiscus flowers bloom in the spring and summer. The hibiscus thrives in full sun and moist soil, according to Jerry Parsons, Ph.D. and professor of horticulture at Texas Agricultural Ext... Read More »

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How do I make my hibiscus bloom?

Hibiscus blooms better and looks fuller if you cut off the branch ends. You only need to cut off an inch or so. Normally, the tip of each branch uses more than its fair share of energy from the sun... Read More »

What time of the year will the Hibiscus bloom?

Oh, the braided Hibiscus are so pretty! Hibiscus are bloomin' crazy here ! They seem to love sun, water, Scott's blooming Fertilizer food, and not to get dried out. Mine are planted around the... Read More »

How do i dry hibiscus flowers?

Prepare StemsCollect hibiscus stems that are a no longer than 18 inches with attractive flower blooms. Select stems that have foliage and are free of damage and disease. Remove all leaves from the ... Read More »

How do i send hibiscus flowers to loved ones?

Personal Hibiscus ShipmentChoose to send the hibiscus flowers yourself or through a hibiscus flower delivery service. If mailing the flowers yourself, prepare the hibiscus flowers for shipment by w... Read More »