When do hibiscus flowers bloom?

Answer Perennial hibiscus flowers bloom in the spring and summer. The hibiscus thrives in full sun and moist soil, according to Jerry Parsons, Ph.D. and professor of horticulture at Texas Agricultural Ext... Read More »

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Do tropical hibiscus flowers close when the barometric pressure drops (When storms come)?

It's 6:40 pm with a storm overhead right now in southern Florida. I am looking out my window at a hibiscus bush in full bloom. None are closed at this time. But as soon as it gets dark. All will cl... Read More »

When do iris flowers bloom?

Irises bloom in the hot summer months, from June through August. There are many different varieties of irises, which range in colors from white to deep purple. Some varieties can grow up to 42 inch... Read More »

When do magnolia flowers bloom?

Magnolias usually bloom in mid- to late spring. They produce fruit and seeds during the summer and retain their leaves throughout the year. Occasionally, magnolias will bloom for a second time in l... Read More »

When do desert flowers bloom?

Desert flowers generally bloom in March, April and May. However, many factors affect the exact time that desert flowers bloom, including the elevation of the desert and the temperature and rainfall... Read More »