When do dogs stop nursing?

Answer On One Hand: Let Nature Take Its CourseFeral dogs nurse their puppies up to six months, according to Race Foster, DVM. As long as the breasts are stimulated and the mother dog has regular access to... Read More »

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Supplements for Nursing Dogs?

A dog who is nursing pups has calorie needs roughly equivalent to a racing sled dog. Helping your dog maintain weight and health requires careful planning and preparation. In order to support her l... Read More »

Can dogs spontaneously start nursing?

Female dogs can start lactating due to either pregnancy or false pregnancy. The female dog will "mother" toys and may actually produce milk. This may be an evolutionary adaptation to accept orphane... Read More »

How to Stop Nursing Home Abuse?

Elder abuse is a serious problem that affects thousands of elderly citizens each year. This type of abuse is most prevalent in a nursing home, where the elderly person is away from their family. Th... Read More »

So I'm supposed to stop nursing and give my son flat soda for the next 8hrs...?

Wow! Here's hoping you live next door to me or the crazy doc who gave me the *SAME* advice when my daughter was 9 months old has moved. LOL... but I'm sure it is just another wacko doc giving out... Read More »