When do deer shed their antlers in texas?

Answer White-tailed Texas deer shed their antlers each year between January and April, at the end of breeding season. The winter's shortened daylight hours, combined with a decrease in testosterone after ... Read More »

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When do deer in canada shed their antlers?

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, mule deer and white-tailed deer are the two most common deer breeds in Canada. Mule deer and white-tailed deer shed their antlers shortly after breeding seas... Read More »

When do deer in Mexico shed their antlers?

Mule deer, also known as burro deer, are the main deer species in Mexico. According to Desert USA, mule deer shed their antlers after breeding season between the middle of January and the middle of... Read More »

When do deer shed their velvet antlers?

Growing antlers are covered in a velvet texture. The growth process begins in spring and continues through late summer. After breeding season, towards the beginning of the year, the velvet coverin... Read More »

When do mule deer shed their antlers?

An adult male mule deer will shed his antlers after breeding season has ended, mid-January through mid-April, but most adult mule deers will have shed their antlers by the end of February.Source:De... Read More »