When do deer shed their antlers in texas?

Answer White-tailed Texas deer shed their antlers each year between January and April, at the end of breeding season. The winter's shortened daylight hours, combined with a decrease in testosterone after ... Read More »

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Why do deer shed their antlers?

Science has yet to explain the reason deer shed their antlers, while similar horned animals do not shed their horns. However, scientists have figured out the biological process of shedding. This i... Read More »

Do deer&elk shed their antlers?

Male deer and elk shed their antlers each year and grow a larger replacement set, according to Reindeer are the only subspecies whose females also bear antlers; they, too, shed the... Read More »

Do male deer shed their antlers?

The males of four North American species in the deer family shed their antlers every year. Whitetail deer, mule deer, elk and moose grow a new set of antlers every spring and summer. Caribou are th... Read More »

How to Hunt for Deer Shed Antlers?

Buck deer shed their antlers between January and April after the rutting season. They don't need their antlers to fight other bucks after they've mated. Soon after, the buck deer begin to grow thei... Read More »