When do deer drop their antlers?

Answer Whitetail deer drop their antlers yearly. Whitetail bucks start dropping their antlers in mid to late January, but some may not lose their antlers until February or early March. A trophy deer rarel... Read More »

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When do mule deer drop their antlers?

Mule deer shed their antlers after breeding season, in January and February--sometimes April at the latest. Older and physically fit mule deer lose their antlers sooner than younger mule deer and t... Read More »

When Do Deer Start to Drop Their Antlers in South Carolina?

According to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, there are 20 million white tailed deer in the United States. Half of those are bucks that shed their antlers every spring.

When do deer get antlers?

According to the website PaBucks, male deer grow their first set of antlers by the time they reach 18 months old. Deer usually grow their antlers in the spring and summer seasons between March and ... Read More »

When do whitetail deer get their antlers?

Whitetail deer--specifically male bucks--start antler growth during the spring months of March or April. Antlers can grow quite rapidly--dependent on a deer's level of nutrition--and are usually fu... Read More »