When do crabapple trees bloom?

Answer Crabapple trees blossom in the spring, generally sometime between late April or mid-May, depending on weather conditions. Crabapple blossoms come in a variety of colors, from a soft white to deep r... Read More »

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How long does a crabapple tree bloom flowers?

According to Colorado State University, the flowers on crabapple trees bloom for 1 to 2 weeks during the spring. Blooming periods vary depending on the variety of the tree. Weather conditions and e... Read More »

Will Crabapple Trees Pollinate Other Fruit Trees?

A member of the genus Malus and a close relative of the apple, the crabapple is often used as an ornamental landscape tree. Although not useful for pollinating nonapple species such as peaches or p... Read More »

Ornamental Crabapple Trees?

Selecting crabapple trees (Malus sp.) for your yard may be a daunting task. Nurseries sell over 200 named varieties of crabapple trees and growers produce new varieties every year. Most currently a... Read More »

Brandywine Crabapple Trees?

Crabapple trees are trees for all seasons. Prized for their spring budding color and stunning floral displays, they also produce small, colorful fruits in summer -- fruit that may stay on the tree ... Read More »