When do crabapple trees bloom?

Answer Crabapple trees blossom in the spring, generally sometime between late April or mid-May, depending on weather conditions. Crabapple blossoms come in a variety of colors, from a soft white to deep r... Read More »

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Will Crabapple Trees Pollinate Other Fruit Trees?

A member of the genus Malus and a close relative of the apple, the crabapple is often used as an ornamental landscape tree. Although not useful for pollinating nonapple species such as peaches or p... Read More »

How long does a crabapple tree bloom flowers?

According to Colorado State University, the flowers on crabapple trees bloom for 1 to 2 weeks during the spring. Blooming periods vary depending on the variety of the tree. Weather conditions and e... Read More »

When do ash trees bloom?

Ash trees blossom in April or May before the leaves appear. Ash trees produce male and female flowers on different trees. In order to produce ash seeds, both trees need to be near each other.Source... Read More »

When do oak trees bloom?

Oak trees bloom in the spring when growth is stimulated by warmer weather. Although different types of oak trees will bloom at different times, typically most oaks bloom by April.References:Univers... Read More »