When do collection agencies report to the credit bureau?

Answer A collection agency will report someone to the credit bureau after sending letters demanding payment (called demand letters) and not receiving a response. There is no set time when a collection age... Read More »

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How do I report corrections to all the credit bureau agencies?

Write LettersChallenge each incorrect entry on your credit report by writing a letter to each credit reporting agency. Don't list all errors in one letter. Instead, write one letter per error and s... Read More »

When do collection agencies report to credit bureaus?

Collection agencies have a mandate to update the credit bureau as to their client's status once per month. Additionally, credit bureaus update clients' credit reports once per month. Therefore, an ... Read More »

Can collection agencies remove entries from your credit report?

It is possible for collection agencies to remove negative entries from your credit report--but it can be difficult to negotiate unless the reported information is false. If you have an account in c... Read More »

How to Keep Collection Agencies From Sending Notices to Credit Bureaus?

Many collection agencies make regular reports to the credit-reporting bureaus. When a collection agency reports your account to one of the three major bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion), ev... Read More »