When do cocoons hatch?

Answer The time spent in the cocoon varies greatly by species and season the pupa stage started. For example, monarch butterflies hatch out of their cocoon within 10 days to nine months depending on the s... Read More »

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How long do cocoons take to hatch?

Depending on its type, an insect can remain in its larval stage (cocoon) anywhere from two weeks to an entire season. While in the cocoon, the insect's adult structures are formed and juvenile stru... Read More »

When do cocoons open?

Butterfly or moth that begin the cocooning or chrysalisis process will stay in hibernation within the cocoon anywhere from a few days to several months. In some circumstances, the butterfly or mot... Read More »

When do bluebirds hatch?

Bluebird eggs hatch 12 to 14 days after they have been laid. After hatching the baby birds will remain in the nest for 18 to 21 days before leaving the nest. Bluebirds usually nest in March and Apr... Read More »

When do robin eggs hatch?

The American robin breeds in early spring in most parts of its habitat. After breeding, the female lays three to four blue or blue-green eggs, which hatch after 12 to 14 days of incubation.Source:A... Read More »