When do citrus trees bloom?

Answer Citrus trees begin to bud in late winter and continue to develop into spring, which is when they bloom. The blooms usually fall off the tree long before the fruit appears.Source:Sunkist: How Citru... Read More »

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How do I get a citrus tree to bloom?

Growing ConditionsPlace your tree in a bright, sunny window or under fluorescent grow lights. Keep the temperature between 55 to 65 degrees to keep the tree healthy and vigorous. Dab pollen from o... Read More »

Ornamental Citrus Trees?

Whether for their blossoms or their colorful fruit, citrus trees have long been in popular use as ornamental trees with gardeners and landscapers. Ornamental citrus trees are quite often dwarf cit... Read More »

How to Clone Citrus Trees?

Quality citrus trees, ones that regularly product sweet fruit, are essentially clones of older quality trees. The method used to create new, young, healthy trees is called grafting or budding, whic... Read More »

When do citrus trees flower?

With alternating temperatures and rainfall, citrus trees may flower any time. They may flower and bear no fruit or both may appear at the same time. Flowering and fruiting recur continuously and ir... Read More »