When do citrus trees bear fruit?

Answer Lemon, lime, kumquat and calamondin trees will bear fruit throughout the year. Other citrus trees such as oranges, grapefruits and tangerines will ripen in the fall, as Texas A&M University advises... Read More »

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Dry Fruit on Citrus Trees?

Citrus is a genus of flowering plants and includes approximately 1,600 species belonging to the subfamily Aurantioideae. These subtropical, evergreen fruit trees or shrubs can suffer from premature... Read More »

How do I identify citrus fruit trees?

Visual CharacteristicsCitrus trees do not become completely dormant in the winter making them sub-tropical evergreens. Typically, citrus trees do not loose all of their leaves, dark green in color,... Read More »

How Do I Revive Dead Fruit & Leaves From Frozen Citrus Trees?

The new hybrids of many types of citrus are allowing this family of fruits to be grown in more areas than ever before. However, though we are learning to breed varieties that are quite cold-resista... Read More »

Do you need two avocado trees to bear fruit?