When do blackberries produce?

Answer Blackberry bushes produce berries in June in the southern states, while peak season is July in the northern states. When exactly during the month fruit is at peak ripeness depending where you're lo... Read More »

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How many pounds of blackberries will one plant produce?

Each blackberry plant can produce 10 to 20 lbs. of fruit each year. A blackberry plant's yield is maximized by growing in full sun, getting 1 inch of water every week during growing season and havi... Read More »

When do blackberries bloom?

Blackberries are a warm-climate crop, ready for harvest between late spring and early summer. Depending on the weather, blackberries generally bloom between late April and early June. Harvest blac... Read More »

When are blackberries ripe?

Blackberries ripen from mid-summer to early fall depending on your growing zone. The fruit will be ripe after it has gone from green to red to purple in color and has turned a deep black. Ripe bla... Read More »

When do blackberries ripen?

Blackberries usually ripen in June in the southern United States and in July in the northern United States. Ripening varies with the weather and the particular location in the state. Blackberries... Read More »