When do bass spawn in Florida?

Answer According to Florida Fishing Reports, March and April are the peak months for bass to spawn in Florida. It can happen as early as January in the south end of the state, and can go as late as May.So... Read More »

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What do black sea bass eat in Florida?

Despite the name, the black sea bass changes its coloring to match the environment around it. You can distinguish this bass from the others because its scales have a pale blue in the center. In F... Read More »

How to Bass Fish With Alligators in Florida?

Florida is a prime location to fish for bass, but you'll most likely be in the presence of alligators while you are there. Alligators are rarely a threat to humans, but it is important to take prec... Read More »

Bass Fishing in Okeechobee, Florida?

Florida's Lake Okeechobee ranks as the seventh largest freshwater lake in the United States. The shallow lake is also a great place to fish for bass. Nicknamed the "Big O," Lake Okeechobee is one o... Read More »

How to Fish for Peacock Bass in South Florida?

Peacock bass is a freshwater species originally from the Amazon Basin, but now commonly found in Florida waters. They have sharp, bony dorsal fins and vivid striped green skin. Peacock bass are muc... Read More »