When do banks adjust mortgage rates?

Answer Mortgage financing grants entry into real estate. Mortgage interest rates affect housing demand because most homebuyers lack the resources to pay cash. Familiarize yourself with interest rate trend... Read More »

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Are mortgage centers better than banks for the best rates?

On One Hand: Mortgage Centers Can Access Multiple LendersMortgage centers can access many lenders and compare rates and terms for their customers, but they do charge a percentage for their time and... Read More »

What Happens to Commercial Banks When the Fed Raises Interest Rates?

When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, commercial banks are affected in several ways. These activities by the Federal Reserve will limit the funds banks have for lending and it affects the... Read More »

When did adjustable mortgage rates begin?

The seed for adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) was planted in the 1960s, when Wisconsin state assemblyman William Double won support for a new type of mortgage that allowed lenders to change the int... Read More »

When were mortgage rates 18 3/4 percent in Ontario?

The mortgage rate for Ontario (and all Canadian provinces) are set by the Bank of Canada and can fluctuate depending upon the economic state at the time. The last and only time the Ontario mortgage... Read More »