How do babys start?

Answer a male and a female have sex, then when the male's sperm binds with one of the female's eggs', then the female becomes pregnant. 9 months later, the female has a baby. ( a miracle)

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What Is a Teething String?

There are times when a baby is practically inconsolable, and one of them is when he is teething. Babies cannot verbally express their pain, so parents must be diligent in determining the problem wh... Read More »

Baby who is teething?

Not sure exactly what you want to know about teething, but the symptoms are generally a slight fever (anything over 101 is NOT teething, and you should call your physician- it may be an infection),... Read More »

Teething With Braces!?

You cannot teeth with braces because teething is a pain that happens as new teeth break threw gums

Can teething cause thrush?

Not Medical Advice: Thrush is caused by Candida albicans, which we all have in our bodies. Teething alone isn't enough to cause thrush.