When do babies'eye colors change?

Answer A baby's eyes can begin to change color between six and nine months of age. Eye color may continue to darken until the child is three years old. Eyes cannot become a lighter color.Source:What to Ex... Read More »

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How to Change Colors when Crocheting?

Stripes are a great way to add visual interest to any scarf or blanket. These stripes have to have 2 rows each, unless you want to use more than 2 colors.

Why do babies eyes change colors when they get older?

Eyes contain melanin in the iris, and the amount of melanin determines what color your eyes are. Infants are not done developing their melanin until they are at least nine months old.

What is it called when your eyes change colors?

coloured contact lenses!!! hahamine get lighter and darker with my mood. When i'm annoyed, they are really piercing, when I'm normal, they are just boring blue!!

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