What could be the cause and the cure for coughing fits that start when hitting high notes or laughing out loud?

Answer Mild vocal chord irritation that is triggered when you strain your voice. Try tea with honey. My cousin was a coloratura soprano with the Met and all that practice (4-6 hours a day) made her vocal ... Read More »

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Why are facebook allowing these laughing at dead babies Groups....?

I've never seen that but now I just looked. That's messed up. I think people think it's funny. It's not. They've obviously never had children/been pregnant etc.Feel free to e-mail me if you want so... Read More »

When do babies start to hop?

A human willstart to hop at around 2-3. But as this question is also listed in 'hamsters' i dont know if this is the answer you want!

When do babies start hearing?

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When do babies start to talk?