When do babies start kicking in mother womb?

Answer everyone is different but usually any time from around 14 weeks onwards.

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How do babies come out from the mother's womb?

When the fetus has been in the mother's womb for about nine months it will be ready to come out. The fetus decides when it wants to leave its mother's womb. So when the mother's water breaks, it me... Read More »

Are babies, still in the womb, aware of their mother's emotions?

yes i believe so. also when a mother is disstressed so is baby... when i was in hospital i was distressted as i was worryin about baby and everytime i worried his heart rate increased and midwife ... Read More »

When does a baby start to kick inside the mother's womb?

A baby typically begins to move between weeks 15 and 18 weeks of pregnancy. The mother may start to feel some movement between weeks 19 and 21. The mother will almost certainly feel the baby move b... Read More »

What does a baby kicking inside the womb feel like?

The description of what it feels like when a baby is moving around in the womb differs for different women. In general, the sensation has been described as butterflies flitting about, or kernels o... Read More »