When do babies cut their first tooth?

Answer A baby's first tooth can come in any time between 3 months and a year. The entire range is normal. A parent can usually tell when a tooth is coming in when a baby chews its fingers all the time.

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When do babies cut their first teeth?

The first set of teeth are the deciduous teeth, 20 small teeth called baby teeth or milk teeth. These usually begin to appear outside the gums when a baby is six or seven months old, although a bab... Read More »

How to Deal When Your Child Loses Their First Tooth?

Did little Tommy lose his first tooth? Maybe Sarah lost her first tooth and you're worried. This article will tell you how to settle your child's mind and yours.

What age do babies get their 1st tooth?

wow, good question...I doubt there is a set age really... my first baby had her first tooth at around five and a half weeks old... my second did not get her first till over a year.... and then ther... Read More »

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