When do azaleas blossom?

Answer Bloom time varies depending on variety, weather and location. Azaleas can begin blooming in the latter part of April and continue into June. Early-blooming varieties can flower in February and Marc... Read More »

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What do azaleas look like?

In the mid-Atlantic United States, azaleas typically bloom from mid-April to mid-May. Over 10,000 named varieties exist, according to the Azalea Society of America. The shrubs looks similar to rhod... Read More »

How much sun do azaleas need?

Azaleas come in many varieties of color, and some are deciduous while others are evergreen. While deciduous azaleas (North American varieties) do well in full sun, shade is preferable for evergreen... Read More »

How do I bloom red azaleas?

PlantingDig a hole in a raised bed about 18 inches wide. Place a single red azalea bush in the hole and fill with well-drained, acidic soil and organic matter. Once planted, spread a layer of mulch... Read More »

Different Types of Azaleas?

According to the University of Minnesota, over 800 species belong to the azalea and rhododendron genus, making it the largest genera of woody plants. The different types of azaleas vary widely in c... Read More »