When do apple trees blossom?

Answer According to Better Homes and Gardens, apple trees begin to produce flowers in February. Trees may blossom earlier or later depending on climate, plant variety and growing conditions. When using b... Read More »

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When Do Pear Trees Blossom?

White flowers grace the bare branches of pear trees (Pyrus spp.) when they bloom from late winter to midspring, depending on climate. Three main types of pear trees are grown in American landscapes... Read More »

Where do apple blossom flowers grow?

Apple fruit buds grow in a cluster of five to eight buds. Apple blossoms grow up out of a whorl of leaves at the end of a tree branch. A cluster of five to 12 crab apple blossoms grow on short shoo... Read More »

What to Put on Lilac Trees to Make Them Blossom?

Healthy lilacs don't need a lot of maintenance to bloom freely for 30 years or more. If you've properly fertilized lilacs and treated insect infestations and disease, look at growing conditions as ... Read More »

Japanese Orange Blossom Trees?

Japanese mock orange (Pittosporum tobira) is an evergreen member of the Pittosporum family that may grow as a small tree or large shrub. The plant is characterized by waxy, fragrant white flowers a... Read More »