When do Marines wear uniforms?

Answer Marines wear their dress uniforms for parades, formal functions and ceremonies. They wear their service uniform for day-to-day activities and while in the office. The utility uniform is worn in the... Read More »

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Do Marines wear flag patches on their uniforms?

Marines do not wear flag patches on their uniforms. People make this mistake because they are often thinking of the Army, whose soldiers do wear flag patches on their uniforms.Source:Spiritus Tempo... Read More »

Which uniforms Navy officers are required to wear inside the White House service or dress uniforms?

This is a bit vague. If you are asking if a higher ranking service member in the Air Force can give orders to a service member in the Army, then yes, to a certain extent. All service personnel are... Read More »

Why cant marines wear Semper fi tattoo's in marines?

Because tattoo's are not sanctioned by the Marine Corps.

Schools That Have to Wear Uniforms?

Students have been required to wear school uniforms for many years in private schools. Only recently has it become increasingly common for public schools to require their students to dress in schoo... Read More »