When do I trim my blueberry bushes?

Answer It's best to trim blueberry bushes in late winter, when the plants are dormant. This should be done each year. The exact time varies by region, but is generally between December and early March. Mo... Read More »

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When do you prune blueberry bushes?

Blueberry bushes should be pruned in the winter so that fruit can grow properly for the next picking season. Pruning a blueberry bush is done so that it does not become overgrown and stays healthy,... Read More »

When do blueberry bushes produce?

Blueberry bushes start producing fruit around April. Fruit production can last until anytime between then and November, depending on the plant's location. For example, the harvest ends in November ... Read More »

When to Plant Blueberry Bushes in Washington?

Blueberries prefer Western Washington's growing conditions but home gardeners on both sides of the state can grow these tangy summer berries. The dormant season is the time to plant blueberry bushe... Read More »

When do you plant blueberry bushes in south Louisiana?

According to the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, it is best to plant blueberry bushes in southern Louisiana during the fall or winter. Fall and winter planting allows the blueberry ... Read More »