When do I trim my blueberry bushes?

Answer It's best to trim blueberry bushes in late winter, when the plants are dormant. This should be done each year. The exact time varies by region, but is generally between December and early March. Mo... Read More »

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Can you plant blueberry bushes near blackberry bushes?

Yes, you can plant blueberry bushes near blackberry bushes. However, blueberries require more frequent watering. Also, blueberries require less space between plants than do blackberries, so to err ... Read More »

How to Cover Blueberry Bushes?

Blueberries are native to North America but were not cultivated as a crop until the 20th century. Most blueberries grew wild and were smaller than the large, plump varieties seen in grocery stores ... Read More »

Do blueberry bushes self pollinate?

Most varieties of blueberry bushes can self-pollinate because pollen from their anthers goes directly to their stamen with the assistance of insects. However, cross-pollination results in higher an... Read More »

How to Water Blueberry Bushes?

The blueberry is a versatile fruit that grows well in sunny locations. Blueberry bushes are shallow-rooting plants, so they require a well-draining soil to thrive. With proper care and cultivation,... Read More »