When do I re-caulk retrofit windows?

Answer On One Hand: After Dry FitAccording to The International Window Corporation, after dry fitting, the installer of a retrofit window should first run a bead of sealant (caulk) around the exterior edg... Read More »

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How to Caulk Windows?

An energy efficient home saves money on utility bills, keeps the temperature consistent, and helps the HVAC climate control system operate more effectively. Properly caulked windows are the first d... Read More »

How to Caulk Inside Windows?

When weather proofing your home it is important to caulk around the sides of your windows. This prevents airflow from traveling between your window and the outside, keeping your home warm in the wi... Read More »

How do I caulk old windows for the winter?

Removing Old CaulkPut a putty knife in-between the window frame and the caulk. Work the blade down to the other corner, loosening and removing the caulk while taking care not to cut into the wood. ... Read More »

How do I caulk around windows?

Apply a Bead of CaulkInsert a cartridge of clear silicone caulk into a caulking gun, and squeeze the trigger repeatedly until the plunger makes contact with the bottom of the tube inside the cartri... Read More »