When do I prune a hibiscus tree in zone 5?

Answer No matter the planting zone, hibiscus pruning follows a specific pruning time dependent upon variety. The hardy hibiscus should be pruned in the fall, while the tropical hibiscus is typically prune... Read More »

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How to Prune Hibiscus?

Hibiscus needs pruning to remain a vibrant, healthy plant. Here is what to do.

How to Remove Dead Leaves to Prune a Hard Frozen Hibiscus?

Hibiscus is a tropical plant that does well in all climates if you care for the plant properly. The tropical variety can withstand cold to about 40 degrees and then must be brought inside for the c... Read More »

How and when do you prune a prunus padus tree commonly known as a bird cherry tree.?

How big does a hibiscus tree grow?

Hibiscus trees (hibiscus rosa) are fast growing trees that can reach heights of 25 feet (7.6 m) or more. They grow primarily in tropical areas and produce large green leaves and large, brightly col... Read More »