When do I plant seeds?

Answer Whether planning your planting schedule for your cherished flower garden or favorite vegetable patch, schedule your seed planting according to the frost schedule in your area. A successful plantin... Read More »

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When do you plant sunflower seeds?

On One Hand: Warmer Month PlantsSunflowers grow quickly, usually taking around 85 days to mature completely. Plant seeds from late February through July for blooms to mature before a snow or freeze... Read More »

When do I plant cantaloupe seeds?

On One Hand: Plant Directly in GardenCantaloupe plants take about 70 to 75 days to reach maturity, and like most melons, like warm temperatures.Because the roots can handle very little disturbance,... Read More »

When do i plant hollyhock seeds?

On One Hand: Plant Hollyhock Seeds in Late SpringHollyhock (Alcea rosea) is a biennial. Seeds can be planted indoors in the winter for summer bloom or outdoors in early spring for blooms the follow... Read More »

When can i plant seeds outside?

Most seeds can be planted outside in the spring after the last frost date for a region. In the United States, estimates of the last frost date are available from the USDA Zone Map. Some seeds need ... Read More »