When do I plant seed potatoes?

Answer Seed potatoes are planted from March to July, depending on the weather and soil. Cold, wet soil may rot the seed potatoes and hard frosts may freeze them. The best time to plant is after the soil h... Read More »

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How far apart do you plant seed potatoes?

You should plant seed potatoes 10 to 12 inches apart in a row, and each row should be spaced 24 to 36 inches apart. This leaves room for weeding, fertilizing and pest control measures without damag... Read More »

How to Plant Seed Potatoes With Sprouts?

Potatoes are a popular food staple and subject for the home gardener. Easy to plant, grow, and harvest, they provide a tasty, nutritious addition to any meal. Potatoes come in many varieties, but a... Read More »

Do You Plant the Eyes of the Potato Up or Down When Planting Seed Potatoes?

Seed potatoes must be planted with their eyes facing up in order to grow. Gardeners should plant them about three to four inches below the soil's surface for best results. Does this... Read More »

Do you plant the eyes of the potato up or down when planting seed potatoes?

When you plant potatoes from seed, they need to go in the ground with the eyes facing up. A common way of planting them is to plant them in small mounds, approximately 3 to 4 inches deep with 2 see... Read More »